We work with lots of technologies, too many to list. Below are nine of our favourites.


A NoSQL database for when scalability or high performance are required. We are registered MongoDB partners and host monthly meetups.


A popular way to build scalable apps using Chrome's Javascript runtime. NodeJs is used by businesses such as Groupon, Paypal and IBM. 


A framework for producing rich, interactive client applications and a fantastic tool for developing web based applications. Maintained by Google.


Microsoft's heavyweight has had a serious update over the last two years. Eastpoint are registered Microsoft Partners, working with .NET since 2005.


Rapid development of highly scalable applications is enabled through this awesome programming language, designed for that exact purpose.


The native language of the most used mobile platform, Apple's iOS, a key component of any mobile targetted project.


The most popular and well established enterprise development language gained further significance as it also the basis for developing Android apps. 


In all their glory, SQL Server, Oracle and MySQL are the long established go-to databases behind the majority of enterprise applications. 

HTML5 and CSS3

HTML5 is powering the next generation web experience, both on the desktop computer and mobile devices. 

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