NodeJS development

It’s a new-ish technology that has enjoyed rapid growth and many success stories, thanks to ease of building, and scalability.

Why NodeJS?

NodeJS allows us to use a single programming language (Javascript) through the whole app - that means on the server and client side, and on the server/NodeJS side. The benefit? Quicker to build and get running. And easier to maintain.

NodeJS is great for real-time web applications and developing data APIs. Like MongoDB, it is a fast and efficient database that allows for scalable development, so it can grow as your requirements do.

Every technology has it's benefits, NodeJS would probably not be the right choice for long and complicated processes.

NodeJS outsourcing

We have lots of experience working with partner agencies to deliver expertise that are not available in-house.

Call us to discuss an outsourced project, we are experienced with the process and always treat outsourced work with the same high standards, just as if we were working directly with a client.

NodeJS MongoDB development

Both MongoDb and NodeJS are technologies we enjoy working with and are experienced in. Both of these allow for scalable projects. Please contact us on 01223 690164 if you are looking for NodeJS and MongoDB development.



Our NodeJS work

Our use of NodeJS includes a product data search for a retail client and a portal for online gaming (also using AngularJS).

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