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#blog / 18 Sep 17

Eastpoint run the famous Chariots of Fire relay in Cambridge

For Alzheimer's Research UK

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#blog / 14 Sep 17

We are Xamarin certified partners for mobile development!

Our commitment to high standards in Xamarin mobile development

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#blog / 23 Aug 17

Eastpoint achieve Microsoft Silver Partner status for app development

Stack up the vol-au-vents, we're celebrating

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#blog / 10 Jul 17

Three steps to keep up with VR

On May 16 I attended VRWorld in London, a two day event on augmented, mixed and virtual reality. It reinforced my thoughts on the ever-changing landscape of VR, and I have created a three step plan to keep up.

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#blog / 08 Jul 17

What happened to

Conde Nast’s huge ecommerce investment now redirects to a different site.

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#blog / 27 Oct 16

Thomson and their mobile mistake

An illuminating talk from John Boughton, director of mobile at the TUI Group (owners of Thomson), shedding light on how they and others coped with the web and mobile revolution.

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#blog / 19 Aug 16

Most famous and expensive software acquisitions

A world where $1.65bn can prove to be a bargain. Do you know which famous acquisition this is?

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#blog / 27 Jul 16

What is Xamarin?

Xamarin is a software tool that developers use to build mobile apps for Android, iPhone and Windows Phone. But that's not the special part...

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#blog / 01 Apr 16

Online stats Q and A

The IAB digital trends report gives us some new stats into website and app popularity, as well as usage across different devices.

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#blog / 16 Mar 16

Where does the online time go?

A report shows the most popular apps and websites, the growth of mobile and music streaming and the surfing habits of the over 55s.

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#blog / 16 Mar 16

Cyber crime and keeping your business safe

Does your small business have an IT policy? An IT policy could help prevent cyber crime and online fraud and educate staff on preventable dangers.

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#blog / 15 Mar 16

Cyber crime in Cambridge

Police say they are tackling cyber crime as a ‘priority’ but it is not just a policing matter. How are our businesses at risk and what can we do to prevent cyber crime and online fraud?

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#blog / 25 Feb 16

More than half of online sales are on a mobile or tablet

A major ecommerce milestone was reached in the UK last quarter. Sales from mobile devices accounted for more than half of online transactions.

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#blog / 22 Jan 16

More people are shopping on their mobiles

Most of us browse online on our mobiles. A new study has shown more people are checking out and making the purchase on their mobile, too.

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#blog / 03 Dec 15

Black Friday UK sales reach £3.5billion

A report from Experian and IMRG shows a record £1.1billion was spent online in the UK on Black Friday alone. Online sales in particular saw a dramatic rise.

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#blog / 01 Dec 15

Massive Black Friday sales from mobile devices

After the biggest ever Black Friday in the US, a report has shown us some figures for mobile ecommerce during the sales.

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#blog / 18 Oct 15

A brief history of the controversial Uber mobile app

The High Court has ruled that taxi app Uber is lawful, meaning users can continue to hail private taxis via Uber, rather than using London black cabs.

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#blog / 23 Sep 15

iOS vs Android mobile app development

In the UK, the majority of apps are built for iOS or Android. Sometimes you're not sure which to choose. A survey has shown what developers are building.

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#blog / 08 Sep 15

Amazon rival website - what is it?

A new ecommerce giant is on the scene.

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#blog / 07 Aug 15

Mobile phones overtake laptops for internet browsing

An Ofcom survey has revealed that most people prefer to use a mobile rather than laptop - the first time statistics have shown this preference.

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#blog / 12 May 15

How popular is social ecommerce?

How many times have you been on Twitter, Pinterest or Facebook and seen a picture of something you want to buy? And if you could buy it with one click… would you?

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#blog / 11 May 15

Vogue publisher to launch ecommerce website

Condé Nast will be launching a new ecommerce business in the UK this autumn, and it's a first for the media giant.

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#blog / 06 May 15

What will ‘trigger’ visitors to stay on a website?

How ‘psychological triggers’ will hook in visitors and our brains can only take so much jam.

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#blog / 19 Mar 15

Google warnings over mobile usability

Google have been sending warning emails regarding non mobile-friendly websites - how could it affect you?

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#blog / 11 Mar 15

Ecommerce meets old-school print

The fashion magazine Porter combines apps and online shopping with traditional print. So how has that worked out?

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#blog / 09 Feb 15

Waitrose ecommerce boost

Online grocery shopping continues to grow at Waitrose with a 26.3% increase in sales over Christmas

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#blog / 06 Jan 15

John Lewis warning over 'Black Friday' online sales

John lewis have revealed huge sales during November's 'Black Friday' sale, but they don't think it's a good thing... and it's obvious why.

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#blog / 29 Dec 14

Mobile apps - should I pick iOS or Android?

Do I want my app for Android smartphones? Or iPhone and iPads? It's frequently asked, and rightly so.

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#blog / 11 Dec 14

A year of web, mobile and eCommerce app development

It's nearly New Year - pass the champagne!

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#blog / 08 Dec 14

Research online means buy in-store?

ROPO is a phrase you may have heard. It means “Research Online, Purchase Offline”, and refers to customers scoping out online prices before heading to a shop to buy.

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#blog / 28 Oct 14

The types of mobile app development

People often ask for our advice about which type of app to develop… let’s look at the options.

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#blog / 27 Oct 14

Review: Open University Cyber Security course

I'm currently taking part in one of those free online Open University courses. Read more about how I'm getting on and how beneficial I think it is.

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#blog / 03 Oct 14

Tech companies and Mars bars in the Forbes 400 top 25

The Forbes 400 – the 400 richest people in America – is updated annually in September. Number one is Bill Gates, so where is Mark Zuckerberg?

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#blog / 01 Oct 14

Free course to learn about online security

The Open University provide a free online course to learn about cyber security, and you don't need prior knowledge to take part.

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#blog / 06 Sep 14

Government grant for website security appraisal

Any website can benefit from a cyber security analysis, not least because of the costs associated with cleaning up after a security compromise.

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#blog / 11 May 14

MongoDB Cambridge Meetup: It's not ACID

The next Eastpoing MongoDB meetup has been scheduled for the first Thursday in June.

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#blog / 01 Apr 14

CTO and CEO in small tech companies

Are MD and CEO titles in a small tech company anything more than pure vanity?

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#blog / 15 Mar 14

Google to resolve keyword marketing pains: answer (not provided)?

For two and a half years search marketers have been losing information about the source of traffic.

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#blog / 01 Mar 14

MongoDB Cambridge - March Madness

Derick Rethans (of both php and mongodb fame) will be travelling up to join us from MongoDB's London office.

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