Are you clamourin' for Xamarin?

Bought by Microsoft in 2016 and exploding in popularity!


Xamarin is a software tool that allows code-sharing across mobile platforms, while still producing native apps.

We love Xamarin and have completed significantly-sized app projects using it. Our Xamarin learning is ongoing within the team and we have excellent expertise in-house.

How Xamarin works compared to native iOS and Android

Buidling separate apps for iOS and Android in their respective platforms is called native development. Then there is hybrid, then there is Xamarin:
Native apps - all the code is written specifically to work on with Android, iOS or Windows
Hybrid apps - code is written to be compatible across platforms, with compromises
Xamarin - code is shared where possible

With Xamarin, you will always produce an app that works just as a native app would, written for the features of that device. The perk is that sharing some of the code saves time, and therefore budget.

When is Xamarin not appropriate?

Xamarin isn’t always the right choice. For richer, more complicated apps it’s usually best to go for native development.

Outsource Xamarin to us and Xamarin consultancy

As well as designing and building apps in Xamarin, you can also contact us for just outsourced Xamarin expertise, and we can integrate into your team or take on that part of the project.