Mobile app development

Mobile apps are a great way to reach out and grow your business, but they also have specific benefits. Mobile apps can utilise phone features, such as notifications, camera and location, broadening the scope of what can be achieved.

Why develop a mobile app?

Use of mobile devices is set to overtake desktop for accessing websites. 

Think about how often you use your phone, or you see other people using theirs. It's common to use your mobile to browse websites, search for information and make purchases.

A mobile app enhances the user experience further and achieves a greater engagement with your users.

Often a mobile app offers features that a mobile website (or web app) isn't capable of because it can have greater access to the mobile device's hardware (such as GPS, camera and microphone).

What type of phone or tablet should my app be developed for?

Apps can be built for a variety of devices. They can be built specifically for one device or adapted to fit several from one design (see more on native and hybrid apps below). Usually, our clients will be looking for one or more of the the follow types of app development:

iOS mobile apps (for Apple devices such as iPhones and iPads)

Android mobile apps (most prolific of the mobile operating systems)

Windows mobile apps (for users of Windows phones)

Mobile apps can also be developed for Blackberry, Tizen (Samsung) and Amazon Fire.

Most people in the UK are using iOS or Android, and most of our enquiries are about these. But it depends on your target audience - please read our blog for more on this.

What's involved in building an app?


A thorough understanding of what you want ensures we’ve got all the information we need to design a solution to meet that.

Design and user experience

We will look at who your app needs to appeal to, and be appropriate for - the intended audience. It needs to be consistent with existing branding where applicable.


Creating the working product based on the spec and our experience with various technologies to devise and develop a solution.


We make sure that what we’ve produced is what we set out to produce, and it all works correctly on varied device types.

We like automated and manual testing, making sure that where possible we have automated tests to cover the design functionality, backed up with the manual testing. You can’t beat a human set of eyes.

Support, analysis and improvement

We'll work to ensure the product continues to perform in the way that it’s expected to, long after the product is launched.

Long term support for mobile apps is key to its success as new devices and device updates often change the underlying systems, which could otherwise harm performance of the application.

And as user uptake of your application grows, we'll work with you to collect and analyse information about usage and help to guide design changes and enhancements.

We like to maintain relationships with clients over the years, supporting systems, offering advice, and remaining a part of the project.

Native, web and hybrid apps

There are options for the type of mobile app you can build, depending on how you want it to be used. 

A native app is specific to, for example, Android or iOS (Apple). Generally, the result is slicker and offers better access to features such as accelerator, camera and location, because it was built specifically for that device.

Mobile web apps are applications run via a website, and can be seen in the browser on your mobile phone.

A hybrid app is an HTML5, CSS and Javascript web application (the same technology used for normal websites), that is then adapted to be used on various devices. Hybrid apps are installed in the same way (through App Store or Play Store), so depending on the features and/or design, the user may never be aware of the difference.

Hybrid apps do have some limitations, but they have the benefit of being much quicker to develop and deploy to different devices types.

Mobile app development in Cambridge

We have offices in Cambridge and London, and are based in Cambridge. Our office is at the Hauser Forum, do come and meet us to discuss projects.

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