Windows mobile app development

Of the three main development platforms for mobile apps, Windows is the little hitter. But it still has its place.


Apps can be built specifically to run on the Windows operating system for mobiles. Mobiles that use Windows include Nokia, HTC, LG and Samsung.

Is Windows worth it?

It goes without saying that if you are targeting a group that is known to use Windows phone, the choise is easy. If you are rolling out an app for wide use across a diverse range of users, then your number of Windows users becomes closer to the average, which may well be under 10%. But that percent could still count to a large or important number, and even if it doesn't, having a Windows-specific app not only caters to those who use them (which they will appreciate) it also sets you up should Windows make a comeback. 

Blackberry has an even smaller share than Windows (we've seen it estimated at less than one percent of mobile phone users). But consider the main audience for Blackberrys - businesses. If a business has an in-house app, or an app for a particular sector, if that sector uses Blackberrys, then the overall usage doesn't matter. That particular app should be built for Blackberry.

If you are building a more generic app and you want to reach as many people as possible, Android or IOS is currently a safer bet than Windows. 

Windows app development, Cambridge and London

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What kind of market share does Windows have?
iOS and Android account for the majority of mobile phones operating systems in the UK. The percentage of people who use Windows phones is much lower than these two dominating forces - of all of those with phones, the percentage of those using a Windows phone doesn't reach double figures. But that small percentage of a whole could account for your target audience!

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