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Custom software vs off-the-shelf products 

What to consider when choosing between custom software development or an existing off-the-shelf alternative.

By Amy - 10 September 2020
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Why you should use Xamarin for app development

Learn how Xamarin is used for app development for both iOS and Android

By Amy - 01 August 2020
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Online marketplace for rural deliveries wins Innovate UK funding

By Amy - 22 June 2020
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Has COVID-19 brought disruptive business models?

In responding to the changing needs of the customer, businesses have done the very thing that we champion as software innovation partners: move fast and learn from your customers.

By John - 22 May 2020
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How Eastpoint has responded to COVID-19

Every company will have been impacted by the disruption that COVID-19 threw at us. Here's how we responded.

By John - 21 May 2020
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Why create new business software? #1 The leaky bucket

New business software tools and products come about for a multitude of reasons. John looks at one reason.

By John - 13 May 2020
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Top five tips for remote working, from remote workers

By Amy - 24 March 2020
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Are Xamarin apps native? And other top Xamarin queries, answered!

Eastpoint answer the internet's top Xamarin queries

By Amy - 17 February 2020
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Holacracy - what it is and why we are a holacratic workplace

Eastpoint Software is a holacratic digital consultancy, learn more about holacracy and why we practice it.

By John - 20 January 2020
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What is Xamarin Essentials?

Xamarin.Essentials is a library of APIs to help developers add common features to software applications

By Amy - 11 December 2019
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Eastpoint create augmented reality training tool

Eastpoint design and build an augmented reality app for non-destructive testing training.

By Amy - 06 December 2019
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Eastpoint retain Microsoft Gold Partner status

By Amy - 22 October 2019
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Training simulator provides innovative, hassle-free learning

Eastpoint demo the TrainNDT simulator at BINDT 2019

By Amy - 20 September 2019
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Continuing our efforts to improve air quality through innovation

By Amy - 23 July 2019
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MaaS, the trillion-dollar opportunity

MaaS - Mobility as a Service - offers opportunities in micromobility, first mile/last mile challenges, and harnessing data for improvements

By Amy - 18 July 2019
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What is the key ingredient for smart city success?

Notes from the canal stage talk 'the people building your city' at CogX 2019, London

By Amy - 24 June 2019
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UX and product design. The importance of designing in the desire paths

UX and product design. The importance of designing in the desire paths

By Jon - 17 June 2019
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Notes from an internal company hack day

Read about the Eastpoint IoT hack day

By Amy - 13 June 2019
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Introduction to DevOps 

Bridging the gap between development and operations

By Jeeva - 25 April 2019
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Talk to me about digital innovation partnerships

Eastpoint Software are a mobile and web application development company focused on digital change and innovation - find out more.

By Amy - 22 March 2019
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Building systems for scale

Building web applications that scale to demand

By Ven - 18 February 2019
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Guitars, robotic arms and Xamarin - Q and A with Oli

Xamarin app developer Oli tells us about his career in engineering and software

By Amy - 06 February 2019
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Agile. The right approach for your project

By John - 30 January 2019
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Back? To the future!

Digital transformation highlighted with popular Walmart campaign

By Jon - 18 January 2019
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Should I use React JS?

React JS is a JavaScript library for building user interfaces.

By Ben - 16 January 2019
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Transport app named project of the year at national awards 

Intelligent transport mobile app built with Xamarin wins national awards

By Amy - 21 December 2018
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What is Xamarin.Forms?

The powerful cross-platform toolkit explained

By Amy - 05 November 2018
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Eastpoint are Microsoft Gold partners

Eastpoint are Microsoft Gold partners

By Amy - 31 October 2018
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The future of commuting at IoTUK hack event

Eastpoint at the #IoTUKchallenger

By Amy - 08 October 2018
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BBC demo intelligent transport app built by Eastpoint

Eastpoint are part of a transport project that has been featured on the BBC

By Amy - 22 August 2018
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How I became a programmer - Q&A with Gowthami

Gowthami is a web developer at Eastpoint Software, who studied mechanical engineering at university before finding a love for coding.

By Amy - 15 August 2018
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We have moved!

Eastpoint Software has moved to the Bradfield Centre in Cambridge

By Amy - 02 July 2018
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What are my options for app development in both iOS and Android?

Cross-platform mobile application development is still a largely misunderstood concept. We share insight to help.

By John - 30 June 2018
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TSB brought to its knees by IT meltdown

A planned

By Dan - 27 March 2018
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Mobile app monetisation

App monetisation can be achieved with paid for apps, in-app purchases, and advertising.

By Ben - 26 January 2018
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Join us at the Cambridge mobile .NET developers group

By Amy - 01 December 2017
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You've arrived at Cambridge station for the first time...

By Amy - 29 November 2017
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Eastpoint win tender for mobile transport app

By Amy - 07 November 2017
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Eastpoint run the famous Chariots of Fire relay in Cambridge

Eastpoint Software run the Chariots of Fire relay for Alzheimer's Research UK

By Amy - 18 September 2017
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We are Xamarin certified partners for mobile development!

Eastpoint Software are certified Xamarin partners for native iOS and Android mobile development

By John - 14 September 2017
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Eastpoint achieve Microsoft Silver Partner status for app development

By Amy - 23 August 2017
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Three steps to keep up with VR

Virtual realist is a fast-moving technology. These steps will help you keep up to date with VR and augmented reality.

By Phill - 10 July 2017
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What happened to

Conde Nast invested heavily in the ecommerce website but eventually closed the site.

By Amy - 08 July 2017
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Thomson and their mobile mistake

By Amy - 27 October 2016
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Most famous and expensive software acquisitions

Mobile apps and web software are big business. It's not uncommon for mobile app startups to be bought for millions.

By Amy - 19 August 2016
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What is Xamarin?

Xamarin is a wildly popular mobile development software tool that builds iOS, Android and Windows phone mobile apps. But wait, there's more...

By Amy - 27 July 2016
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Online stats Q and A

A report by IAB shows us the ongoing popularity of mobile apps and mobile websites, as more people use their smartphones. But websites remain highest for individual users.

By Amy - 01 April 2016
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Where does the online time go?

By Amy - 16 March 2016
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Cyber crime and keeping your business safe

As online hacking and scamming becomes more intelligent, and social engineering remains a threat, it's important to stay vigilant against cyber crime. Here are a some examples of what might be in an IT policy and how it can help staff avoid the preventable stuff.

By Amy - 16 March 2016
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Cyber crime in Cambridge

By Amy - 15 March 2016
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More than half of online sales are on a mobile or tablet

For the first time, online sales via a smartphone have overtaken online sales via a desktop or laptop, showing mobile development is a huge boom for ecommerce.

By Amy - 25 February 2016
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More people are shopping on their mobiles

Mobile ecommerce is booming as a study shows a dramatic increase in shopping via smartphones.

By Amy - 22 January 2016
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Black Friday UK sales reach £3.5billion

Ecommerce Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales significantly improve in the UK

By Amy - 03 December 2015
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Massive Black Friday sales from mobile devices

A report by Adobe has shown the popularity of purchasing via a smartphone or tablet.

By Amy - 01 December 2015
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A brief history of the controversial Uber mobile app

As the Uber mobile application wins its High Court ruling, we take a quick look at the ongoing controversy of the taxi-hailing app.

By Amy - 18 October 2015
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iOS vs Android mobile app development

A survey of 3,000 app developers and IT professionals has shown what they building out of iOS, Android or Windows apps. The stats also show the breakdown of hybrid, native and web app development.

By Amy - 23 September 2015
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Amazon rival website - what is it? hopes to rival Amazon for online shopping, promising to offer the greatest discounts possible

By Amy - 08 September 2015
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Mobiles overtake laptops for internet browsing

A survey by Ofcom has shown that Britons prefer to use a mobile phone to access the internet.

By Amy - 07 August 2015
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How popular is social ecommerce?

Social commerce has been on the horizon for years, with many media outlets about to roll it out across their platforms

By Amy - 12 May 2015
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Vogue publisher to launch ecommerce website

Vogue publisher Conde Nast will launch a new ecommerce site in the UK, selling luxury products to its existing audience

By Amy - 11 May 2015
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What will ‘trigger’ visitors to stay on a website?

Some things to look our for in ecommerce design, and how to get your online visitors to stick around

By Amy - 06 May 2015
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Google warnings over mobile usability

Google is set to penalise websites that are not mobile-friendly

By Amy - 19 March 2015
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Ecommerce meets old-school print

How traditional methods can work alongside ecommerce development to get more sales

By Amy - 11 March 2015
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Waitrose ecommerce boost

Online shopping sales are up at Waitrose with further investments into ecommerce

By Amy - 09 February 2015
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John Lewis warning over 'Black Friday' online sales

John Lewis sales figures show an increase in ecommerce and bumper Black Friday sales

By Amy - 06 January 2015
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Mobile apps - should I pick iOS or Android?

Things to consider for Android apps and iOS apps, and deciding which is best for you and your app development

By Amy - 29 December 2014
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A year of web, mobile and eCommerce app development

Let's take a misty-eyed look back at the web, mobile and ecommerce app development here at Eastpoint over the last year.

By Amy - 11 December 2014
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Research online and buy in-store?

Buying trends show that customers research online and purchase offline - or ROPO. But they also do the opposite.

By Amy - 08 December 2014
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The types of mobile app development

The differences between mobile app development on android, iOS and windows, and the benefits of native or hybrid apps

By Amy - 28 October 2014
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Review: Open University Cyber Security course

This review is about the Open University cyber security course, which is about staying safe online and understand the risks and pitfalls

By Amy - 27 October 2014
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Tech and Mars in the Forbes 400 top 25

Tech companies in the Forbes 400, plus America's richest families

By Amy - 03 October 2014
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Free course to learn about online security

A free online course run by the Open University about cyber security and staying safe online

By Amy - 01 October 2014
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Government grant for website security appraisal

Any website can benefit from a cyber security analysis. Even websites that do not obviously hold sensitive information still need to be considered - as are the costs associated with cleaning up after a security compromise.

By Amy - 06 September 2014
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MongoDB Cambridge Meetup: It's not ACID

Join us to discuss the consequences of non ACID compliance and what this means.

By John - 11 May 2014
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CTO and CEO in small tech companies

Are MD and CEO titles in a small tech company anything more than pure vanity?

By John - 01 April 2014
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Google to resolve keyword marketing pains: answer (not provided)?

In 2011, Google introduced secure searching for logged in users, and as a result, users arriving at your web site or application no longer announce the keywords that were used to find you.

By John - 15 March 2014
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MongoDB Cambridge - March Madness

Derick Rethans (of both php and mongodb fame) will be joining us to discuss the difference between various NoSQL databases and also introducing CAP theorm to the group.

By John - 01 March 2014
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