Achieve more and serve multiple customers with one SaaS app

By Amy, Eastpoint Software on 18 April 2021

Our niche is the creation of multi-tenanted apps, where one software product is used simultaneously by separate clients (or tenants), each with their own access and data. 

Often these solutions are referred to as SaaS (software as a service) applications, whereby each customer pays a subscription to access a cloud-based application. 

We are the people who make this software, and work with clients across sectors and industries to build custom multi-tenanted/SaaS product. The end result may be different, but the core technology serves the same purpose of taking one instance of a software solution and making it accessible to many. 

Imagine if you had a business solution – and then you could help many others and sell that solution in a secure, scalable way that was built for such a use from the outset. 

What’s the difference between multi-tenanted and multi-user? 

Many apps and websites have multiple users and profiles, such as Facebook and eBay, and all the users can see the other users, or at least have the opportunity to depending on preferences.  

The difference with the specific term ‘multi tenanted’ is the equivalent of having an entire version of Facebook where only your company can access it, and while you know other versions exist with the same functionality, your data is totally separate from them and you go about your business within your version of the app. 

In basic terms, all the features are used by all the tenants, but all the data is separate.  

What are the benefits of multi-tenanted apps? 

Number one – you can make some serious coin if you are able to take an excellent idea, have digital experts understand how to hone and execute that idea, and then sell it to others with the same problem. 

Once the software is running, maintenance and upgrades (which are inevitable) are carried out across all tenant versions at a time, because they are they are all instances of the same thing. 

What are the downsides of multi-tenanted apps? 

Creating a multi-tenanted app is likely to be more expensive than creating one instance of a single tenant app. But this is unavoidable if your business model is based on SaaS and licensing a solution to subscribers. 

Our niche as a multi-tenanted app specialist means that while it will likely be a more expensive task, working with us means you get it at the best value you can, because we have the building blocks already in place. 

What is multi-tenant in Azure? 

We use Microsoft Azure and are a silver partner for the Cloud Platform competency (this means we have demonstrated expertise in cloud applications and across the Azure cloud ecosystem). 

While other cloud services can be used for multi-tenanted application, we use Azure. Azure Active Directory and Azure B2C are world-class identify services, and, an added bonus, most businesses (your target audience) will already have accounts on Active Directory if they use Office 365. 

Applications can securely share resources while keeping data isolated from each other, meaning costs can be controlled without comprising data security. Services are easily scaled out to dedicated resources for premium and enterprise users that require more. 

Why chose Eastpoint for multi-tenanted SaaS development? 

Our clients have seen great results and we’ve continued to refine and invest in our own software to create the building blocks for multi-tenanted apps.  

We have a repeatable, secure, scalable and customisable software solution for building custom SaaS applications.  

In other words – we've already done the investment, and now you can gain from our expertise, because we’re ready to go. 

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