Amazon rival website - what is it?

By Amy, Eastpoint Software on 08 September 2015 is an American website currently available only to US citizens. It was founded by Marc Lore, who also founded When Diapers became a rival to Amazon, Amazon bought the company out and sat on their board for several years.

When Lore left, he rounded up substantial investment into his new venture - With such a high profile entrepreneur and mega bucks behind the new website, it was already well known before it even launched. Supposedly is an investor. The website launched in the summer and is now open to membership (providing you have a US zip code).

The homepage has an image of their top sellers - toilet paper, detergent, paper towels, nappies, coffee, razors... in the words of Ross Geller - I can use all of these things!

Apparently the difference between Jet and Amazon is that Jet promises to pass on all savings to the consumer. By doing things like buying in bulk, buying items together, shipping slowly, choosing to waive return rights and picking a no-fee payment option, the idea is you always pay less. Jet makes its money by instead charging shoppers a subscription fee.

If is successful not doubt it will come over to the UK. Let’s see.