The benefits of outsourcing app development services

By Amy, Eastpoint Software on 01 December 2020

Whether you are outsourcing a certain aspect of application design and development or the entire strategy, we’ve put together the main benefits of partnering with a consultancy like ours for software development.

We work hard to deliver app development and digitisation that works for our clients, and makes it an easy choice to work with us as a "digital partner". This is the term we use to desribe how we want to be involved not just as designers and programmers, but as trusted digital experts who will care about your app as much as you do. 

But there are alternatives of course, such as recruiting a new digital team, hiring contractors, or offshoring. So what benefits can we offer you, to choose us?

We are part of YOUR team  

There is an idea at the core of everything Eastpoint does – we craft it like it’s ours. When considering outsourcing versus an internal project or new software team, there might be a concern that an outsourced team is somehow at arm's length to your goals, your standards and your vision.  

We believe a software consultancy should approach every project as a trusted partner that is integral to the success of the venture.  

The key to this is in our approach – your success matters to us. We may not be in your office or a traditional member of staff, but our team are essentially your team when you work with us.  


Good communication is crucial for any project and working with an outsourced team like Eastpoint should provide no less peace of mind than if you had recruited your own technical team (in fact we try to be better).  

Typically, you will not need to collaborate with us on a day to day basis, but clients should expect to be in regular contact via updates, online meetings, reviews and sprints, and you will always be informed and aware of the project status.  


It is usual for our clients to be very switched on about digital innovation and have a great understanding of how it might apply to their business. The research, design, creation, implementation and launch is where we come in. 

We offer much more than saying yes to feature requests. Having access to an entire team of experienced technology professionals offers a wealth of knowledge and advice.  

Limit risks and costs, improve scalability  

Recruitment of a new technical team to carry out a software project comes with its own energy and risk. Consultancies aim to position themselves as a ready-made team that you can trust.  

Eastpoint’s team is tried and tested, and our company was founded on technical expertise and quality.   

Working with an outsourced software development team gives you much more flexibility to scale the team depending on the requirement and innovate as early as possible, without the need to screen and hire permanent staff.  

Working with app experts across all aspects of the process  

Eastpoint is a full service digital consultancy and our work covers UX design through to software testing and support. We work with a variety of sectors of bespoke and innovative software including digital transformation projects.  

A consultancy likes our gives you access to expertise across the full digital product lifecyle, and while you may not be working on a wide-ranging project to begin with, if the need for a mobile app version of your business transpires, or you need a UX review on an existing product, there is a team of skills to call on.  

App development services at Eastpoint  

We build custom websites and web and mobile applications. We are a Microsoft Gold Partner for software development and adhere to the high standards of this award.  

If you are looking for IoT development please look at our emerging technologies page to find out how we can support connected devices, internet of things and augmented reality application development.  

Please call us to discuss any of our app development services on 01223 690164 or email