How Eastpoint has responded to COVID-19

By John, Eastpoint Software on 21 May 2020

Every company will have been impacted by the disruption that COVID-19 threw at us.

At Eastpoint, we were fortunate to have already embraced remote working, and we were quick off the mark to advise our team to minimise journeys and therefore reduce our chances of spreading the virus to more vulnerable people.

We have addressed three main issues:

  1. The health of our staff, their families, our clients and our suppliers;
  2. Supporting client businesses and our communities throughout the crisis;
  3. Ensuring we have a healthy business during and after post COIVD-19.

I’m extremely proud of how the team responded.

Unfortunately, we have had to utilise the government job retention scheme. The availability of which has been of great value to us, and allowed us to retain our dedicated team.

The team members that have been unable to work during this period have all committed their time to improving their skills through training and learning, so we’re confident that we’ll be able to offer an even greater level of expertise as they return to work.

The remaining team has prioritised supporting existing customer needs and building sales to enable our team to return to a strong and healthy business as soon as possible.

We have been flexible to support changing customer needs. And we have been creative and inventive to help our clients with some of the new challenges and opportunities such a disruptive event creates.

I’m pleased to say that our financial director has secured our finances so that we can continue on a stable footing.

And I’m also delighted to announce that Eastpoint was a successful bidder in the Innovate UK call for COVID-19 innovation projects – more to follow on this!

In the meantime, we’re still actively supporting our customers, and our response times are being maintained at our usual high standards.

So, while we’re currently down on numbers, we are still here to support your business.

If, like many of our customers, you have changing business needs, we’d love to discuss how Eastpoint can help with bespoke software development.

Working practices and consumer habits alike are changing. We are here to help your businesses respond and adapt to those changes.