Eastpoint recognised as application specialist with two more Microsoft awards

By Amy, Eastpoint Software on 18 March 2021

We have been a Microsoft partner for application development (gold level, the highest available) for four years and have just added two further Microsoft competencies to our achievements. 

Our application integration competency recognises our best-in-class capability to implement integrated business solutions, and our cloud competency represents our expertise in delivering secure, scalable cloud applications.  

These competencies represent our commitment to building successful web and mobile applications for our clients, and they are awarded by proving technical expertise via exams, customer references, and use of the Microsoft services.  

Our service to our clients is further boosted by the benefits that these competencies unlock – unparalleled access to Microsoft resources, products, advice and support.

What is a Microsoft competency? 

The word competency means to do something "successfully or efficiently" and Microsoft awards competencies to businesses as a mark of their proven expertise.

Companies can obtain gold or silver level across several areas of the Microsoft ecosystem including applications and infrastructure, business apps, data and AI, and security. 

Silver status represents a “consistent capability and commitment” in a specialised area, whereas gold is a “best in class” capability. 

We previously attained the status of Xamarin Consulting Partner for mobile applications. Xamarin is owned by Microsoft, and Microsoft’s application development competency (which we have, gold!) has replaced the consulting partner programme. 

All of the Microsoft competencies are part of the Microsoft Partner Network, and companies like Eastpoint who hold these awards refer to themselves as a ‘Microsoft Partner’ for the given competency. 

Application integration 

One of our new competences is for app integration, and we have gone straight in at gold! 

This competency highlights our ability to integrate and connect our client’s enterprise apps across Microsoft technologies, allowing us to create bespoke apps that meet customer needs. 

You can read more about the requirements for the app integration certification on the Microsoft website here

Cloud platform 

The cloud platform competency is showcase for our ability to deliver cloud solutions on Microsoft Azure. 

Understanding Azure infrastructure is key to delivering secure and scalable applications in a world where responding to customer needs is a constant evolution. 

Our silver award for cloud is a steppingstone and we hope to achieve gold next year when the competences are reviewed.  

You can read more about the cloud platform competency directly from Microsoft here

Application development 

Application development was our first competency award, which we received in 2017, starting off with silver and gaining gold the following year.  

This competency award certifies our decade-long commitment to high quality enterprise software across web and mobile. 

You can read more about the criteria here

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Holding Microsoft application and cloud certifications is a hallmark of our commitment to creating high quality, successful, purposeful software.  

If you have a business problem to solve, give us a call on 01223 690164 or email We will respond quickly and helpfully, and hope to hear from you soon.