Transport project shows "dramatic environmental benefits"

By Amy, Eastpoint Software on 18 June 2021

We were part of an innovative project to reduce fuel emissions on slip roads, and now trials have shown a significant impact on air quality. 

Back in summer 2019 we announced our involvement with a new project that uses speed advisories to reduce stop-starts by HGVs on motorways, with the aim to reduce harmful emissions. 

The project was led by Amey with Highways England, with Eastpoint building the app that drivers would use in the HGVs, providing them with real-time information about traffic lights and enabling them to make better, more informed decisions. 

Ricardo analysed the fuel consumption and particle emissions from the trials and, as reported by Highways News and ITS (UK), analysis has shown a reduction in CO2 (by up to 27%) and NOx (by up to 17%).

Additionally, drivers hit a green light 87% of the time over 250 journeys. 

This technology is called Glosa, which stands for Green Light Optimised (or sometimes Optimal) Speed Advisory. It is used to avoid idling and stop-starts at red lights and improve journey flow.  

This particular Glosa project was aimed at reducing fuel emissions on motorway off slips.

It is the second time we have crossed paths with ITS (UK), having been part of a previous Glosa-based transport innovation that won project of the year at their annual awards.

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