Google to resolve keyword marketing pains: answer (not provided)?

By John, Eastpoint Software on 15 March 2014

One of the great assests of digital marketing has been the ability to analyse the effectiveness of a marketing spend and to refine campaigns around that.

Online marketing an app is often a huge aspect of it's success, and therefore the ability to anaylse data about the marketing work being carried out is vital.

For two and a half years search marketers have been increasing restricted to information about the source of traffic - specifically the keywords used by users to reach your site.

In 2011, Google introduced secure searching for logged in users, and as a result, many users arriving at your web site or application no longer announce the keywords that were used to find you.

In fact, the number of (not provided) keyword sessions has been charted to have increased beyond 85% - making organic keyword anaylse very difficult. 

However Google Senior VP annouced at SMX West things could be about to change as they are reviewing the situation and looking for a better solution.

While a complete u-turn is unlikely, it's great news that Google are looking at this issue, and we're all hopeful that the new solution will provide a reliable means to access that valuable data again.