How we built a SaaS web application for food export in eight weeks 

By Amy, Eastpoint Software on 19 February 2021

In our previous blog, we talked about new business software, and how one of the catalysts for new software is legislative changes. 

The UK leaving the EU brought with it a raft of new export rules, including for food exports. We recently built an exciting new digital product called Vetted, a web application that expedites and streamlines food exports from the UK to the European Union. 

It is being used by some of the country's biggest names in food, and we’re proud to share how our team created this app in just two months, with an estimated time saving of 75% and subsequent huge cost saving for its customers. 

The problem to solve 

The need for new export software arose due to changes in legislation. When certain food items leave the UK to go to the EU, expert certification is required to verify its origin, to ensure consistency with EU standards. 

Qualified veterinarians are required to verify and certify all food of animal origin, from meat to dairy, and any food that uses those ingredients. This verification takes place at both the location of the producer and at export. 

The work needed to create the relevant paperwork, and the manual processes involved, created a substantial new overhead that did not exist when the UK was part of the single market. 

This necessitated rapid development, something that Eastpoint specialises in and something our entrepreneurial client understood and valued. 

Rapid software development 

We were able to work in close collaboration with the Vetted team to develop the first customer-ready version of the product in eight weeks.  

We got to work understanding the pains of the veterinarians certifying the food products, and how technology could create a user-friendly, automated solution that fulfilled the robust legal requirements in the most streamlined way. 

Not only was this process more streamlined, it also significantly reduced any room for error. 

It was clear that a solution to cover all types of relevant food was unachievable in eight weeks, so instead we built a complete solution for a narrower range of food items that require certification.

Get to market quickly 

By building a complete working version of the Vetted product, we could prove that the software produced results and were able to demo it to potential clients. While it couldn’t be used for all exported food at the outset, customers could still use the system and understand the potential. 

This worked for both us and our clients – we were able to secure sales and reinvest in the application, and our clients were able to see something that worked, and that improved the export process, at the earliest opportunity. 

Our secret weapon 

Eastpoint is a bespoke software consultancy since 2011. Since then, we have worked continuously to improve the value we offer to our clients. As such, we have built software systems, libraries, features and APIs that our clients benefit from. 

For Vetted, our existing technology enabled us to focus our time and energy on the most valuable development for the project, knowing that our tech would do the rest. 

The outcome

Those using the application have estimated that it enables a time saving of 75% on tasks requiring hard to find, qualified vets. 

This time represents a significant cost saving for those who rely on exports from the UK. 

Get your business ready for Brexit 

If you need creative, effective technology solutions in the face of changing legislation, please get in touch with Eastpoint. 

Our approach and defined processes place customer satisfaction and competitive advantage at the heart of what we do. 

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