iOS vs Android mobile app development

By Amy, Eastpoint Software on 23 September 2015

Most apps in the UK are built for either iOS or Android devices. These are by far the most used. Sometimes you know which you want to build for, sometimes you build for both, sometimes you want to pick one but are unsure which. A survey has shown what developers are building, providing a reference for the general trends. 

Telerik (a development platform) asked 3,000 developers, CEOs, CTOs and IT professionals which devices they were developing mobile apps for. The data was sourced globally, including the UK.

When talking about mobile app development, the apps can be hybrid (able to run on more than one device), native (built specifically for one device) or web (accessed via a browser).

So, here is the breakdown from the survey:

  • Hybrid 33%
  • Native 25%
  • Web 19%

For those developing native mobile apps (for specific device), this was the breadown of those devices:

  • Android 66%
  • iOS 63%
  • Windows Phone 40%

Within these stats, mobile app developers are not necessarily only building for one of the other. The stat for iOS mobile developers who also build for Android is 83%, so quite common to offer both types of development.

The survey shows that iOS and Android continues to split mobile app development, with both being viable devices for native mobile app development, while hybrid mobile app development is the most popular overall (which makes sense as it overs a wider audience).