Massive Black Friday sales from mobile devices

By Amy, Eastpoint Software on 01 December 2015

Black Friday was the biggest ever in the US this year. A report released by Adobe showed that there were $11billion worth of online sales from Black Friday to Cyber Monday in the US. Adobe’s report (which was only carried out in the US) used aggregated data taken from millions of visits to thousands of websites.

Mobile ecommerce

More and more people are shopping using their smartphones or tablets and Adobe estimated sales via mobile of $905million on Black Friday alone. According to Adobe, sales via a mobile device (phone or tablet) accounted for 34% of sales. Of this 34%, the majority of the sales were with a smartphone.

For those smartphone sales, it broke down further like this:

  • iPhones 67%
  • Android with 33%

Sales using a tablet were actually down a couple of percent to 15%. General browsing on mobiles was also up. More than half of website visits (rather than actual sales) were via a mobile device at 53%. Of that 53%, 40% of the traffic came from smartphones and 13% from tablets.

Speaking of tablets, Adobe said that the iPad Air 2 was one of the top sellers on Black Friday. In addition they said that of all the purchases via mobile on Black Friday, purchases on an iOS iPhones and iPads accounted for 75%.