Online stats Q and A

By Amy, Eastpoint Software on 01 April 2016

In the previous blog post we looked at the IAB digital trend study. I've gone through the report and found some interesting stats, which are shown as Q and As below.

Remember this data is from the US, and a comparison of December 2014 to December 2015. As US trends are often in line with UK trends, it's relevant to see these statistics in lieu of a comparable study from the UK.

Q: Are more online minutes spent on computers or smartphones and tablets?

A: Mobile devices

65% of online minutes are via a mobile device (up on last year)

35% of minutes are via a computer

Q: Are more people using their mobiles to go online?

A: Yes

7% increase for unique visitors to mobile apps (year-on-year)

5% increase to unique visitors to mobile website (year-on-year)

Q: Do people spend more time on mobile apps or websites?

A: Mobile apps

86% mobile app

14% mobile web

Many streaming, gaming and messenger apps will take up large amounts of time, whereas a website, for example a shopping website, only needs time to browse and buy, or collect information.

Q: Do websites get more hits from a computer of a mobile device?

A: Computers

68% computers (down year-on-year)

32% mobile devices (up year-on-year)

Q: Do older people spend less time on smartphones than younger people?

A: Yes

Adults 18-34: Two thirds of time spent on smartphone (up)

Adults 35-54: Half of time spent on smartphone (up)

Q: Do people spend more time on smartphones or tablets?


Smartphones 83% (up)

Tablet 17%

Q: Is more time spent on mobile websites or mobile apps when using a smartphone?

A: Apps

86% app minutes

14% browser minutes

Q: What is the most popular social media site?

A: Facebook

Q: What is the most popular ecommerce retail site?

A: Amazon