Tech and Mars in the Forbes 400 top 25

By Amy, Eastpoint Software on 03 October 2014

But first, some “candy” themed facts from the top-25 list:

Apparently the Mars (chocolate bar) family are secretive

The Snickers bar was named after their horse

They invented the ‘Malt-flavoured nougat’ inside Snickers and Milky Way

Non-nougat based fact:

All the women in the top 25 have inherited their fortune, with no female ‘self-mades’

If you just wanted to see the top 10 richest people in technology (Feat. Google, Microsoft, Amazon, Dell, etc), click here:

If you like reading about rich people, the America’s Richest Families List ( is also interesting (the Forbes 400 cannot always account for dispersed wealth). You know you’re reading a rich list when you look at the combined wealth and think ‘O, just a couple of billion for this poor sap’.

At number one are the Walton (Wal-Mart) family, way above everyone else at $152 billion.

A nice story – and one that explains why the name Carnegie of Carnegie Hall fame does not feature on the above list – is about how steel magnate Andrew Carnegie kindly dished out his fortune, (, leaving his family a relatively modest inheritance.

He believed it was worthless to die rich, and hoped to encourage others to follow his lead. The philanthropist (who was born in Scotland) gave away the majority of his wealth to charities and foundations prior to his death (nearly $5 billion in today’s money).