Training simulator provides innovative, hassle-free learning

By Amy, Eastpoint Software on 20 September 2019

Non-destructive testing (NDT) is used throughout engineering and Eastpoint have worked on an exciting Innovate UK project to create a revolutionary NDT simulator. 

Called TrainNDT, it is an ultrasonic simulator for NDT training and replicates the experience of scanning a probe over a sample with a genuine flaw. We worked with The Welding Institute (TWI), Applied Inspection Ltd, Uniper and InnoTecUK on the project, funded by Innovate UK.

The simulator uses dummy probes and samples with precise and accurate probe tracking technology, showing the interaction between the beam and the flaws, with seamless upload of the data to a device screen.  

Reducing costs and providing more data

TrainNDT solves what is usually a hindrance in NDT testing - the cost and logistics. By reducing the need to ship expensive and hard to find samples, there are many more options for training locations.

In addition, it provides access to a range of flaws and the live data can be shared with trainees. The software also tracks and records a trainee's scanning behaviour.

As part of the TrainNDT project, Eastpoint also created an augmented reality (AR) tool for trainees. It helps them understand mathematical concepts within a 3D space and the data they see during complex NDT operations. More about this bespoke software development can be found on our blog post here.

This was a two year project.

TrainNDT unveiled at industry conference

Both TrainNDT and the AR tool were on show at the BINDT Materials Testing 2019 conference, at the TWI stand. The image for this post on the blog landing page shows our intrepid programmers Oli and Phill, who took questions from industry experts on this exciting new training tool.

BINDT is the British Institute of Non-Destructive Testing, a leading engineering institution for industry professionals. It promotes the scientific and practical advancement of NDT, including education and training in the sector.

The team at Eastpoint worked hard on this project and we have a great belief in the value it can bring to the industry, so it was a privilege to exhibit at BINDT and we are grateful to Innovate UK for co-funding TrainNDT.

You can read the full TrainNDT profile here: 

Eastpoint as a collaboration partner

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