The problem 

With 50 years’ experience in waste management, M. Gaze are very good at what they do. However, their daily processes were decentralised and manual, which proved problematic as the business scaled. M. Gaze wanted to streamline and automate these processes, at the same time enhancing accuracy and driving efficiency. 

There were no software products available off-the-shelf that fulfilled the requirements. 

The solution 

Eastpoint worked with M. Gaze to create a waste management application that integrates the entire waste processing lifecycle.  

A central .NET based application enables data to be captured, backed up to Azure, processed, and output for further use by the business. Jobs are created and updated at every stage, from allocation through to invoicing, including integration with external systems such as the weighbridge. 

The outcome 

The replacement of manual administration with an automated end-to-end system has enabled resources to be better allocated, meaning M. Gaze’s customers now benefit from an accurate and streamlined service. 

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