The problem

Netduma are market leaders in specialist routers and router software for gaming. DumaOS puts users in control by using geo-filters to guarantee connection to nearby servers, reducing lag by blocking far away servers and players. Domestic bandwidth can also be prioritised to device level.

Because the main user interface sat on the web, users were forced to switch screens or computers to make changes as required. From a user standpoint this was suboptimal, so a companion mobile app was viewed as being a natural extension for router management.

The solution

Using Xamarin, Eastpoint built companion iOS and Android apps that connected in real-time to the existing web back end.

The longer-term ambition remains bringing as many features as possible into the app, but for the beta version we identified the most useful data points that should be represented, and the most used management features. This defined our priorities for the MVP.

It was important that the in-app experience be consistent with the web, so UX was central to the project.

The outcome

Netduma has built an extensive community of proactive beta testers. The apps were turned over to them for review and feedback prior to launch into the app stores during Quarter 4, 2019.

Development of additional features will be defined when adoption of the app is assessed.

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