The problem 

Eastpoint were approached by two entrepreneurs with an idea, a customer, and an ambition. What they were lacking was the technical capabilities to make their concept a reality. 

In the face of increasing pressure to reduce local traffic and emissions, the pedl team identified an opportunity to create a structured, sustainable transport platform specifically for corporate customers who weren’t being effectively served by public mobility schemes. 

The solution 

Launching initially with bikes, Eastpoint designed and built a .NET fleet management platform that tracks location and usage for reporting and operating the fleet. A companion Xamarin rider app enables users to book bikes and unlock/lock bikes via a connected smart lock. Geofencing is used to create virtual hubs where the bikes are located, meaning existing infrastructure can be used for storage. 

GPS is used for security, to locate bikes when not in use. GDPR compliance is assured as rider movements are not recorded. 

The outcome 

We’ve launched the first Micro Mobility as a Service (MMaaS) platform built around closed communities of users. Forward thinking organisations can now integrate sustainable employee and visitor travel options for first/last mile commuting at scale.  

From launch the pedl platform is being used by two major employers in Cambridge, collectively serving more than 11,000 staff.

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