Your vision, our expertise.

At Eastpoint we align market needs with business goals, turn your vision for innovation into a strategy that works, and create the foundations for a successful digital product.

We collaborate with our clients, who have excellent domain knowledge, to ensure that a product meets the needs of customers, solves their challenges and provides business and customer value.

The web and mobile software solutions that we build are a combination of strategy and analysis as well as the design and build of the finished digital product.

Our approach is for us and you to fully understand your vision, define a strategy, and create a roadmap to achieve success. We work with stakeholders and customers throughout as we test and validate concepts and ideas.

We believe that this phase of consideration, thinking and understanding is an integral part of creating a software solution that your users will love.


The following approach is taken as part of our consultancy service:

What is the purpose of your product? 

A clear vision will help you make the right decisions and guide product management, development and sales and marketing.

Define the pathway to your vision 

Who, what, why and how. Aligning features with market needs and business goals ensures product-market fit.

How your strategy is delivered

Map the expected growth of your product with a product roadmap. Define measurable goals and key features for each stage of the product evolution. Give your team a clear view to work with.

Transform your business with technology

Our in-house team is dedicated to creating amazing products that customers want to use.

We are a certified Microsoft Gold Partner for application development and application integration, and a Silver Partner for cloud services.

What can we do for you?