As a digital product consultancy, we offer insight, advice and value beyond the design and development of a software solution.  

A digital strategy should put you ahead of the competition, while always focused on the customer experience. 

What will your strategy look like?

In addition to understanding customer needs, your business goals and where efficiencies, improvements and innovations can be made, we strategise on the best technology to achieve the desired outcomes.

Each client’s digital strategy will be different, but in essence each strategy is aimed at gaining a competitive advantage and achieving goals. The strategy may require an overhaul of current practices, or it may be working gradually to milestones.

What will be involved?

The following services from Eastpoint may form part of a digital strategy:

Web and app development

Digital product consultancy

UX design

Emerging technologies

As a trusted digital partner to our clients, we also advise on and liaise with other specialist services identified that we may collaborate with, for example marketing, branding and SEO.

And if your competitors are already ahead...

It’s never too late to look at a digital strategy. Even if you have fallen behind with your goals or put digital strategy on the backburner to address day-to-day business, there is still value in being able to assess competitors and apply the latest technology to solve problems.

Sometimes it is easier to build from scratch than improve or migrate older tech, and user behaviours are always changing and responding to innovation.

The early adopters of cloud technology were able to get ahead with scalable, flexible solutions. The early adopters of mobile apps were able to offer customers a new route to obtaining services, information and updates.  

The digital world is constantly evolving and a digital strategy should encompass this, so getting on board later than hoped is not a barrier. 

Digital transformation and digitisation

Most companies will have some form of digitisation and are aware of the benefits of a web presence, social media and ecommerce, for example.

Working with Eastpoint, as a full service, experienced, wily digital consultancy, opens up a wealth of knowledge beyond simply building to a scope. We learnt lots over the years and worked on many digital products, and we’re here to deliver the maximum value we can.

A digital strategy aims for business growth through digitisation and it is our blend of analysis, solution architecture, product design and development and general obsession with the application of technology that gives us the expertise to move your business forward.

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