We have a strong focus on IoT and would be thrilled to hear about your IoT requirements.

Connected devices offer exciting opportunities. There are currently 21billion microcontrollers in use and it is expected that there will be 1trillion dedicated IoT devices by 2035.

Our IoT work includes applications for connected homes, connected cars and real-time fleet management.

Along with key IoT architecture components such as security and privacy, performance and data scaling are important to all applications. We utilise scalable cloud infrastructure, so apps scale automatially and cope with requests as data grows, whether that's during flash points or as more people use an app over time.

We are 'hardware aware' with engineering and hardware experience within the team. This enables us to be part of a wider supply team. Please contact us to discuss multi-disciplinary projects.  

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Smart products

We love working on commercial apps and consumer products that provide new business opportunities to our clients.

We've worked with bluetooth, sensors, connected hardware and Apple Homekit.

Intelligent transport systems 

Connected cars, smart cities and fleet management are innovations that excite us.

ITS is our specialism and we have worked as the software contingent of an ambitious ITS project. 

Data visualisation 

Data provides huge opportunities for companies to learn, enhance and engage.

We can help you understand what data to target and how to get it, build user-driven dashboards, and maximise the benefit of the data gathered, including monetisation strategies.

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We are experts in hybrid and cross platform app development.