Where do we start?

Initially it may start off with a chat – we are here to help you as best we can, and work with you to understand your requirements.

Our clients range from startups to global brands and we are approached in a variety of ways, from a new but unformed idea to shake up an industry, to an in-depth understanding of user behaviour and identified software outcomes.

You might be a CTO (we often work with companies as an outsourced technology partner) or have little knowledge of technical aspects, but you know everything about your sector. We are experienced working with each type of client and would always act in your best interests.

An agile, iterative process

Solving a complex problem is best achieved in iterative chunks. Our transparent development process is agile, with the aim to deliver the best possible value, and limit risk, at every stage of the project.

We typically work in two-week sprints with clearly defined goals.

Added value of a software consultancy

There are options for building software, from recruiting in-house designers and developers, hiring freelancers, contractors, or of course what we do, the full digital product consultancy.

We seek to offer more than the other options, and we do this by treating each application or software product as if it was our own. We use the phrase ‘crafted like it’s ours’.

We won’t just talk to you about what’s possible, we’ll advise you on what’s more economical, or less risky, or alternatives and opportunities that you might not have considered. It’s important to us to be transparent and a source of informed and trusted advice.

By offering an outsourced team, but one that acts like it’s part of your business and is invested in your success, we aim to offer the best of both worlds.

Technology we use

We are primarily a Microsoft stack specialist but our expertise expands to:

  • .NET

  • Xamarin (native) and Xamarin.Forms

  • Java, Swift and Kotlin

  • Microsoft Azure (including Azure CDN, Azure web services, CosmosDB and more)

  • Microsoft Product Services (VSTS, PaaS, SaaS, continuous integration and more)

  • HTML5

  • CSS

  • JavaScript

  • JQuery

  • ReactJS

  • Bootstrap

We work with many other languages, tools and libraries, please call us about a particular technical or language requirement.

"Eastpoint has helped us develop an advanced analytics information security product. They quickly understood the complex algorithms and created an elegant architecture which delivers high performance and allows us to efficiently expand and modify the application."

- St. John Harrold, CTO, Cyberlytic

Let's talk about your project

We are experts in hybrid and cross platform app development.