Get your SaaS business off the ground faster by partnering with Eastpoint Software. We specialise in custom SaaS web applications across industries and sectors.

We already have the building blocks common to many SaaS software solutions. This means you can get to market quicker, and focus your investment on the custom development that makes your product different. 

Begin your SaaS journey with people who are already doing it.

Build recurring revenue with a SaaS business

Have you solved a problem that you know other businesses face, or have an idea that solves an industry-wide problem?

Software as a service means that you can sell your solution to many others, and we specialise in multi-tenant application and architecture. Multi-tenanted software provides secure access to potentially thousands of clients, all using one cloud-based application.


  • Easy, intuitive sign-ups for customers
  • Secure transactions
  • Multiple payment options

For recurring and passive revenue, we build applications that provide:

  • Easy, intuitive sign-ups for customers
  • Secure transactions
  • Multiple payment options
  • Easy to follow renewals


How our SaaS platform can be customised for you

SaaS encompasses a huge amount of software solving a plethora of problems.

We are a SaaS development company alongside bespoke development and we can tackle a huge range of challenges.


Ask us about:

  • Monetisation through feature payments, subscriptions, add-ons.
  • User management - settings, access levels and admin
  • Promotional sites and other marketing tie ins
  • SaaS across web and mobile – we are a Microsoft partner for application development across web and mobile


Ensure a first-class service to your customers with our support service to you. Learn more about our support here and contact us for a more detailed discussion.

Often support packages are worked out alongside our custom development depending on your needs.

Onboarding new customers

If your SaaS solution requires customer support for new instances of your software, talk to us about onboarding and client-facing support.


Alongside support, we will maintain your SaaS application.

Maintenance, as well as any upgrades, are carried out across all instances (client versions) of the SaaS product at the same time, such is the beauty of cloud-based SaaS!

Transform your business with technology

Our in-house team is dedicated to creating amazing products that customers want to use.

We are a certified Microsoft Gold Partner for application development and application integration, and a Silver Partner for cloud services.

What can we do for you?