Using the cloud for applications, software services and innovation provides a secure and centralised platform to grow your business.

Eastpoint build bespoke and scalable cloud applications including the automation of business processes, b2b technology and digital transformation projects.

How does cloud support a business?

Cloud solutions are increasingly necessary and act as a kind of ‘virtual hardware’ for traditional processes that were not as flexible and scalable as cloud.

Building for the cloud is not just about digitising or transforming processes (for example, a cloud solution replacing software that was previously installed onto company computers). Cloud applications are also able to utilise the benefits of cloud computing from the outset, improving and optimising services and infrastructure.

Cloud services and data is held centrally and securely and it is this resilient flexibility that offers so many possibilities for innovation and growth.

How to maximise value with cloud

An accelerated approach to scaling and adapting is one of the key benefits of cloud applications. We design cloud-native architecture that is optimised to provide flexibility for scaling and responding to market trends and user needs.

We have worked on enterprise-scale software that benefits from efficient operational processes that enable quick updates and deployments, and in-built scalability to cope with the highs and lows of user demand.

Managing cloud applications

Cloud applications are maintained remotely, in that your support engineer only needs to access the relevant virtual software, for example a server, to help with a support task.

We are a Microsoft Gold Partner and typically use Microsoft Azure for hosting our custom cloud applications.

Cloud and COVID19

As more staff work from home and businesses seek to avoid disruption, digitally enabled processes become not just preferable, but necessary.

If you are looking to digitise, pivot, or otherwise create business value through custom cloud technology, please contact us.

Cloud application development services with Eastpoint

We are a full-service technology consultancy and any cloud application or cloud migration project that we collaborate on benefits from our decade plus of experience.

Our custom cloud development begins with discovery and design, through to development and integration, and ongoing maintenance.

"We pride ourselves on our attitude of being a digital partner – we care as much about creating a valuable and useful product as you do." - John Puddifoot, founder, Eastpoint Software

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