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AngularJS is a popular Javascript framework that works perfectly with NodeJS and MongoDB.

Angular is used for rapid development of scalable web applications, with the intention that the efficiency of the database means you write less code, so projects take less time, and therefore more economical.

Why we like AngularJS

Like other new technologies, AngularJS is open source and has a tech community using and supporting it. This enables developers to troubleshoot, share and improve. This knowledge makes us more efficient, and provides cost savings to clients.

As well as being open-source, it was created by and is maintained by Google engineers, which hopefully bodes well.

Flexible development with Angular

Using AngularJS is a (relatively) quick, productive way of assembling applications. This ties in well with the agile way of working. This means that you work in sprints to deliver a working app in stages, early stages will not have all the bells and whistles required but what’s there, will work.

This is to allow for flexibility during the build, which may mean getting a core product to market to test it out before you invest heavily in said bells and whistles, or allowing an internal business web app to be rolled out and used as early as possible.

Outsource AngularJS to usIf you have an AngularJS requirement and don't want the hassle of recruitment, get in touch with us about outsourcing that part of the project.