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We help businesses create new location-based digital products that people love. We use our existing technology as building blocks to launch soon, evolve fast and build long-term value for your business.  

Eastpoint works with industries including sport and leisure, travel, mobility, transportation and automotive, building custom apps based on tried and tested tech. 

Talk to us about geolocation software with targeted engagement including in-app purchases, subscriptions, push notifications, news feeds and chat. 

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A cyclist using the Pedl smartphone app to book a bike for hire


Location-based, configurable software.

Sport and leisure tracking

Mapping, tracking and journey planning for events and activities. Relive and share the experience.


Asset tracking

Locate, monitor and manage equipment and devices accurately and securely.


Travel and security tracking

Ensure a safe environment for travellers with check-ins, messaging and user alerts. 


Location specific content

Capture and distribute data and information based on user location, providing a personalised user experience.


Mobile apps for field work

Take your data with you and improve and streamline record-keeping for your business. 


Tourism apps

Geo-targeted guides, information, games and augmented reality for immersive visitor attractions.


Last mile delivery

Optimised management and transportation of goods for the crucial last mile, from hub to doorstep.


Mobility as a service (MaaS)

Create a new on-demand mobility service for users to plan, book and pay for travel across various modes of transport.

Digital twin

Mimic and simulate real-world assets digitally, capturing data from connected sensors for analysis and modelling. 


We are a full-service software consultancy specialising in location-based software development.
What do you need?

I want to provide my solution to everyone in my industry and maximise ROI with subscriptions.

SaaS Development

Turn your solution into a multi-tenanted cloud application for multiple business. Our building blocks enable software-as-a-service businesses to launch faster.

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Beautiful software applications that users love and that drive growth for our company, please.

Web and mobile software

Bring your web or smartphone application to life with an engaging user experience and clearly defined customer value.

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I need to digitise, transform and lead, in collaboration with a trusted digital expert.

Digital product consultancy

Strategic thinking to deliver successful digital platforms and software applications.

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We're doing something totally different.

Emerging technologies

Our portfolio includes pioneering IoT apps and XR experiences for connected devices, smart products and cooperative intelligent transport systems (C-ITS).

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Transform your business with technology

Our in-house team is dedicated to creating amazing products that customers want to use.

We are a certified Microsoft Gold Partner for application development and application integration, and a Silver Partner for cloud services.

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