iOS mobile app development

The global giant of Apple remains a massively popular phone choice, and plenty of the people in the UK will access your app via an iPhone or iPad.


iOS apps are built specifically for Apple devices such as iPads and iPhones. They are built to work seamlessly on those devices, using the specific functions of those devices to get the best user experience.

Why choose iOS app development?

This will depend on your audience (and to some extent your budget). Ideally an app is built for each device, so that's a separate app for Android phones. This isn't always feasible and there are options to create a universal app.

However, if you know your intended customer base or audience uses iPhones, creating an app specifically for that will ensure the best experience.

Also, if budget allows, an app built for each type of device is always worthwhile.

iOS app developers in Cambridge and London

We have clients across the UK and work mostly in the London, Cambridge, Norwich and Ipswich areas (as well as clients further afield).

You can visit us in either Cambridge or London, or we can come to you. Give us a call on 01223 690164 to discuss your iOS mobile app project.

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